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  * what will be possible and facts about the empire*

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PostSubject: * what will be possible and facts about the empire*   Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:53 am

Cecidit is an small empire, in the northern Equestria. It's mostly forgotten, but still some ponies keep finding their way to it's once beautiful streets.

* Cecidit is located outskirts of Equestria, and it's not officially under Royal sisters rule, which enables it maintain as empire, with it's own ruler. But like the whole Equestria, it must follow common rules, so the princesses won't have to take over it, or banish it's rulers.

* Cecidit has it's own system for social classes, and therefore it's strongly in everyponys life.  Specially adults and older ponies follow the system, and act like their statuses. Low class creatures are never really respected, if they are not given special tasks, or awards from something they are good at.

* In the empire is possible for sea ponies to create their own kingdoms in ocean, because there's no one really watching, or going there.

* There's possible to be riots, and revolutions, if enough ponies are against the ruler and her/his guards.

* Celestia, Luna, Cadence, main 6, or other official ponies/creatures will never come in Cecidit, because that way we can get actual new story going here.
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* what will be possible and facts about the empire*
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