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 Hierarchy explanation

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Hierarchy explanation Empty
PostSubject: Hierarchy explanation   Hierarchy explanation EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 7:45 am

Ruler: usually unicorn or alicorn (Is either born or given by the rulers.)

- Queen: The highest possible status
- King: If there's no queen, king rules the country.

- Princess: Either pony wanting not to crown herself as the queen, or mare that's given or born with the status
- Prince: Stallion given or born with the status, but if there's princess, she'll rule the country after previous ruler dies, gives up on his/her powers or place.

Royalties: Ponies with high social statuses, or royal family members.

Military: Guards, and guard commanders

Citizens: Normal ponies

Low: Mutants, or other species.
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Hierarchy explanation
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