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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 6:48 am

1. No auto-hitting, immortality (unless you have permission for that.)

2. No bullying

3. No main 6, or ponies from show are allowed as playable characters.

4. One can only have 2 characters. (and again, you may have more if you'll get special permission for that.
And for admins the max is automatically 4.)

5. Species

- there's allowed to be only 4 alicorns at the same time
- 10 in Unicorns, Pegasus, Earth ponies, Crystal ponies
- 10 in Bat and Sea ponies
- 3 Dragons
- 10 changelings
- 5 Mutant ponies
- 13, others.

6. No spamming

7. Your pony can in the beginning be only, normal citizen (/student), town guard, or low class creature (it means that if you have mutant pony, or other species, you'll start from low class.) . If you want to be more, you'll have to achieve that. (for admins, characters may start as anything, if there's free places for them.)

8. Every character must be accepted by admin/admins.

9. If you piss admins off, they are allowed to kick you out of the forum.

10. Ask before entering game.
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