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Timid Empty
PostSubject: Timid   Timid EmptySun Jan 12, 2014 3:05 am

Timid Rpg_pr13

Whole name: Timid Timo

Personality: timid (duh!), submissive, fearfull, sceptic, friendly, sorry, patient

Physical qualities: Shorter, slimmer and lighter (smaller) then the avarage pony, not so strong, pointy muzzle, boy-ish sound with a bit of "smoke" to it, tends to  walk slowly

Psychological: Has somewhat a lot of fears/fobias and thus is dependent on the support of others, smarter then the avarage pony, academic, problem solver

Talent: Questioning, thinking and MATH

A word from Timid: "Does anypony have a flashlight? Anypony!? Ok, I guess I'll just make one. What do we have? Lets see... a pine tree and lots of snow... well... well goddamnit..."
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