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 Shock blitz

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Shock blitz  Empty
PostSubject: Shock blitz    Shock blitz  EmptyMon Nov 25, 2013 8:25 am

Shock blitz  Shok_b11

CyBer NamE: Shock blitz
Specie: Cyber
StaTuS: investigative military troop solider

Word from Him: - ErROR-

Other: Robot PaRts give The pegasus Some unIcorn Type of talEnts,:

1. ability of creating electricity and levitation magic with His horn, even Thought it won't be EnougH to kiLL anyPony, or lift heavy objects.
2. Gears installed to his hoof, are in direct contact able to inject or take liquid to/from other pony. In THis case, the Cyan Liquid means antidote, the red poIson
3. Night vision and computer, in his robot eye, the armor over his eye only protects it.
4. Laser gun, works only when he's able to charge batteries.
5. but becausE of the robot parts, he can't fly properly.

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Shock blitz
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