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 Tenebris Sidera

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PostSubject: Tenebris Sidera   Tenebris Sidera EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 8:34 am

Tenebris Sidera Tenebr11

Name: Tenebris Sidera
Status: Citizen

About: -
Cutie mark- From drawing

Short tempered, and ready to fight even tho- he's not physically strong enough.
Not much of a social type.
Adventurous, and curious.
Has lots of interesting, and weird theories.

Word from him:
what?.. oh, tell something about.. myself??.. why. ugh..
I am an unicorn, I'd rather be an begasus, but NO. And what can I do, draw.. I guess..
I like to be alone. Alone in this buking cold town, no really I don't mind, these streets are incredible, the history, just awesome.


-none yet
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Tenebris Sidera
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