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PostSubject: Glacier   Glacier EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 5:26 am

Hello my name is Glacier. I'm a simple pegasus who loves the snow and cold bite of winter
I have a frosty look and shine with soft blue colours to my coat and a long curly darker blue mane and tail. I also have darker hooves,nose and wings
I have big round purple eyes
I'm also quite tall compared to the rest of the ponies

I tend to be shy around other ponies... so a small community like this would help me.
In my spare time I make snowflakes they help me take my mind of the past troubles I've had... *sigh* but anyway as I was saying
I would love to meet some new ponies I could be friends with and someone I could... you know settle down with. but that's a long way away.
Anyway I have a lot of snowflakes to make for this years Hearth's Warming Eve...

Rank: Citizen

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