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 How to do stuff

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How to do stuff Empty
PostSubject: How to do stuff   How to do stuff EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 2:15 am

1. after you have an account here, put your character description/application to the right folder/forum. As, if you have a begasus oc, you'll put it in >ponies>begasus

I won't judge your characters ''profile'' but, remember, other players will be able to see it, and they are going to decide who are they wanting to play with, so make it a proper one, with basic information, maybe a picture, and other stuff like personality and history.

also, please mention the career of your character, because it will define the color of your username.

2. when you want to play with someone sen them private message, if you want to create an open game (for everypony whose willing to join) just mention it in the description of your game
AND ROLE PLAYING MUST BE LOCATED IN THE RP SECTION., so please don't start games in chat, or info topics.
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How to do stuff
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